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Do you want to challenge yourself? Do you want to enrich your Curriculum and improving the possibilities to find a job that best fits your competences? Do you want to monitor your skills? For sure PIAAC Test is what you need. Contact us on


Skills Together

Skills Together is an innovative and non profit company. It looks to support Educational and Training Institutions, Students, looking for secondary and post-secondary paths, as well as the Employed and the Unemployed and who would like to enrich their professional curriculum. Last but not least, it addresses Employers and Employment Services who look for people with the right skills.


The Student who looks for a secondary or post-secondary Vocational or Technical path, or the Employed or Unemployed who wishes to perfect her/his skills or to venture in a new field, face, in too many circumstances, far too little information that they would like to have in order to make the right choice. And choosing the right school or the right life-long Education Institution is indeed crucial for one’s future. Education is costly, time is limited and a good investment can buy a bright future.


Employers, besides prospective Students, can be key beneficiaries of a signaling system of effective Educational and Vocational Training Institutions. Employers and Employment Services will look for persons with the most suited profile and curriculum from the foundations, technical abilities and “soft skills” perspectives. Hiring a new person entails opportunities as well as risks that Educational Institutions can help iron out.


Educational Institutions can benefit from a consistent approach aimed at highlighting  their current and  historical strengths, the ways of improving them and enhancing, in the course of time, their ability to attract talents, support them during their studies and follow-up  the post diploma outcomes.


In its start-up phase, Skills Together has developed, thanks to a grant from Fondazione Cologni, a methodology to identify the qualities of different schools and compare them.  The company is based in Italy. The approach can be implemented in a variety of countries, contexts and circumstances.



Holistic Education, A conversation with Eli Eisenberg Part 2

Holistic Education, a Conversation with Eli Eisenberg with the mind, the arm, the heart, Part 2, by Ascensione Maria Santoro follows the first part We met with Eli Eisenberg in June 2018, at the EVBB (European Association of Institutes for Vocational...

Holistic Education, A conversation with Eli Eisenberg – Part 1

Dr. Eli Eisenberg talks with Skills Together in Sofia about Holistic Education


Signaling the qualities of Arts, Technical and Vocational Educational Institution

Skills Together Education & Job

EDUCATION & Employment

Finding the right school or institution in order to bridge the gap between education and a job is definitely important, but not always easy.


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